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TT Custom Motors Fires Up Box Park with Biker BBQ

Meat galore at this exciting new Turkish barbecue restaurant with a cool biker twist

When TT Custom Motors launched in Turkey in 2005, it was the first Turkish company to design and manufacture custom motorcycles. Now, it boasts factories and showrooms in the US, Germany and here in Dubai. The company is behind custom automotives for films including The Expendables and Mad Max.

Since launching in Dubai last year, this eclectic company has become a favourite among the royal family and automotive enthusiasts – and is now delighted to open its first restaurant in the UAE.

You might think a restaurant designed with bikers in mind would be rough, pretty dirty and without much thought for design.

Well, the TT Custom BBQ outlet in Box Park, Al Wasl Road is quite the opposite. Opened in February, you’ll immediately spot the place by the incredible cars and bikes outside.

TT Custom Bikes BBQ

Amazing bikes are your backdrop at this Box Park barbeque

The ‘biker’ theme is done with taste and style – the space aims to immerse guests into the lifestyle behind the biker scene; creating a perfect location for automotive enthusiast and foodies alike.

The original concept draws inspiration from TT Custom Choppers, with interiors designed to look and feel like a garage. Door handles are gas pumps, cutlery looks like screw-wrenches, chair arms are inspired by fuel tanks, and metal coffee mugs evoke scenes of desert roadside breaks. There’s an al fresco terrace accommodating 150, where the latest TT Custom models are displayed, and roadside chairs featuring skull designs face a glass table embedded with automotive parts.

Food fit for Hell’s Angels?
Of course, the décor is all well and good – but what of the food? This is prime Turkish barbecue culture, freshly prepared on an open charcoal grill. Dishes are accompanied with Turkish ayran, poured from a traditional Yayık suspended from the ceiling.

Meat, perfectly cooked, and dangling from a chain in front of your eyes. Like a carnivore’s dream.

Of course, it’s not all meat at TT Custom BBQ. Just don’t let the mean guys up the corner see you chowing down on lettuce, though

A rooftop terrace on the second floor provides a surprisingly sophisticated urban hideaway for cigar aficionados, offering an exhaustive range of high-class South American cigars, and shishas sourced directly from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Sunday to Wednesday: 10.30am until 12.30am
Friday and Saturday: 8.30am until 2am

Call:  054 444 3300

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