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Travel back in time with Bystro restaurant

Take advantage of road trip season with a visit to this outstanding archaeological site – with an outstanding cafe!

Bystro Mleiha, Sharjah, at the Mleiha Archaeological Center, serves comfort food and speciality coffee with a side of blissful views. The Mleiha site is a chance to explore the region’s history dating back over millennia – from the pre-Islamic era, through the Iron and Bronze ages, and even as far back as the paleolithic era, some 2.5 million years ago.

After a morning hike, rock climbing, touring the outdoor archaeological remains or the fascinating Mleiha museum, why not kick back and enjoy Bystro’s bang-up-to-date menu while enjoying panoramic views over a vista of desert, hills, flora and fauna?

Bystro Mleiha shares its neighbourhood with Bronze Age (Umm al Nar) tombs, the famous Jebel Mleiha (Fossil Rock), and the renowned “horse with the golden discs” (an ornately dressed horse that was sacrificed in an ancient tomb to accompany its deceased owner into the afterlife).

Surrounded by vast stretches of pristine desert, Bystro offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Choose to sip your coffee, or one of a range of smoothies, juices or specialist Jing teas, in the great outdoors or soak up the views indoors. The restaurant – decked out in neutral tones and faux-camel hide furnishings – creates a warm and welcoming ambience that reflects the site’s rich heritage, along with a front-row view of the majestic desert.

While Bystro specialises in contemporary European dishes, its menu also features some regionally-loved Middle Eastern dishes such as falafel benedict, mezze platter, or its famous beetroot hummus with za’atar crisps.

Younger patrons can enjoy kid-friendly classics like fish goujons, pancakes, and sausage and mash. Staying true to its family-friendly ethos, Bystro’s babyccino is always on the house!

“I don’t want Bystro to be considered just the best, I want it to be considered the only one that does what it does. That’s where the inspiration for an outlet in Mleiha sprang from. Our team enjoys working there as much as our guests enjoy dining there. And with a view like that, how can you not? It’s truly breathtaking” says Josh Benson, Founder of the Bystro Group of Restaurants.

Bystro Mleiha is a smooth hour-long drive from Dubai and is open from 9AM to 7PM on weekdays, 9AM to 9PM on weekends. Get your favorite soundtrack plugged in and hit the road this weekend to Bystro Mleiha in Sharjah.
Call: 06 802 1117
Address: Mleiha Archaeological Center, Sharjah, UAE

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