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SLAB concretes sandwich supremacy at La Mer

SLAB’s West Bank sandwich

La Mer, the beautiful Jumeirah 1 beachside retail and dining zone developed by Meraas, is seeing a lot of activity this winter, with the latest opening, SLAB – or ‘Sandwich Lab’ – apparently offering creative gourmet sandwiches.

The brainchild of investment banker Fadi Al-Said, who also played an integral part in the curation of the menu, the 3344 square feet space offers up sandwiches and salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“SLAB has given me a wonderful opportunity to curate a menu that features the simplest of dishes created with unique methods and gourmet ingredients. The menu reflects the brand’s minimalistic essence along with a creative fusion and neat food presentation. We wanted to create masterpieces that are soulful for both the eyes and taste buds,” said the entrepreneur.

SLAB, brought to life by Al Tawfeeq Hospitality and Restaurant Secrets Inc, combines elements of a fine dining restaurant in a relaxed, contemporary setting – with indoor and outdoor seating, so you can lap up that La Mer atmosphere at the sea-facing joint.

The interiors boast uber-chic contemporary décor in tones of grey and white, along with an open kitchen and exposed preparation counters where guests can see their food being prepared. The grey tones accentuate the vibrant colours of the dishes served.

SLAB’s concept is aparently inspired by Al-Said’s global travels and culinary experiences. Explaining the concept, Fadi says: “We wanted to create a social eatery, inspired by global food trends, with an ever-evolving menu celebrating the best produce of the season and international flavours through fine-crafted sandwiches and simple, experimental dishes.”

Describing his hero dish, Al-Said’s West Bank sandwich features chicken on sour-dough bread with caramelized onions, pine seeds and sumak.

Roast Beef

Making use of seasonal produce, the restaurant’s approach to salads will make for a satisfying experience, especially their signature charred ricotta with heirloom tomatoes, (hardly new, but we hope it’s akin to L’Atelier d’Argentine’s Chef Natalia Machado, winner of TV channel Food Network’s Chopped and America’s Sweet Genius, recipe here

Complete your meal with a selection of decadent desserts including the venue’s very own Slab brownie, served with roasted peanuts and salted caramel, SLAB’s take on Matcha cheesecake; or its ice cream sandwich and Smore’s.

SLAB, North Side, La Mer, Jumeirah 1 

Open 10am to 12am every day

Call 04 298 8899

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