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New mission accomplished for Operation: Falafel

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Operation: Falafel welcomes a new home at The Dubai Mall

Operation: Falafel, the authentic  Levant street-food experience, is proud to announce its latest mission – a new store located in The Dubai Mall, representing its tenth location worldwide.

Blending traditional Arabic street food with an urban-contemporary finish, Operation: Falafel’s latest outlet will showcase all-time favourites for loyal fans and an array of new additions that might see first time visitors falling in love with Operation: Falafel’s signature tastes.

It’s cool, funky and features an open kitchen and a lively atmosphere.

Operation: Falafel puts a fresh spin on the Middle East’s culinary tradition, re-imagining popular dishes with an innovative and contemporary twist. Highlights from the menu include herbed and spiced chicken shawarma, generously stuffed into a freshly-baked pitta bread with pickles and an aromatic spread of creamy garlic paste.

If chicken doesn’t cut it, there’s always the sliced beef shawarma, plated and rolled in the signature pitta bread and garnished with tomato slices, fragrant onions and parsley.

No meal is complete without the Dubai hero dish, classic falafels, served golden crispy on the outside and delicious and soft on the inside, freshly made every day with chickpeas and a secret assortment of fine herbs and spices.

We found them crisp, delicious and fresh, but pretty bland on their own. But of course, mix them up with all the trimmings and pickles, tomato, onion, garlic and hot sauce in a pitta, and you have a tasty, filling meal on your hands. We don’t mind if you add a few fries into mix, either!

The new branch sits between the cacophonous Mall ice rink, and the peaceful, umbrella-topped ‘The Village’ section of the shopping centre. Don’t go there expecting a peaceful meal, unless you manage to find an ‘outdoor’ table at the ‘Village’ end of the outlet.

While we dined there, service was a little hit and miss, the music was too loud, and the excitement of a tomato dish waned when we were served what appeared to be something akin to a tin of finely chopped tomatoes.

Yet still, falafel is an enduringly popular dish, and for many of us, one which tugs at the heart-strings as a memory of childhood comfort food.

A new contender for the hearts of UAE diners is found in Operation: Falafel’s latest addition; a classic knafeh, with a crispy, cheesy base, topped with luscious sugar syrup and crunchy pistachio nuts. This sweetly indulgent Levant classic is exclusively available at the Dubai Mall and The Beach, JBR.

We indulged in a nutella and banana manakeesh, a bad idea as it was way too big for a dessert after falafel, salad, tomatoes and halloumi. This is a fine dessert, and one you should share with all the family.

Call 04 329 2936

Open 10:00 AM – 01:00 AM

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