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Love the Levant? Head to Hala for organic treats

New Lebanese organic café, Hala, offers organic products and fresh healthy dishes.

Hala Cafe Trade Centre

Hala cafe – much more than just a cafe

Hala aims to provide an authentic and wholesome dining experience, from garden to kitchen. The menu comprises a welcoming blend of traditional and modern Levantine cuisine, through a home-made style menu that plays on the familiarities and nostalgia.

“Hala is Levantine culture served on a plate of good-for-you, delicious food,” said Ramy Sleiman, General Manager, Hala. “The organic and healthy inspiration isn’t something new to Levantine cuisine, but rather forgotten and we’ve thoughtfully sourced all ingredients from across the Levant to create authentic dishes with the diverse flavours, tastes and cultures of the Middle East.”

Hala is apparently the only place in Dubai to offer truly organic cuisine from the Levant and a hub to unify the community through food. With a fusion of old and modern pop culture artworks, a retail section for organic and home

With old and modern pop culture artwork, a retail section for organic and home-grown, locally-prepared products including homemade jams, olives, olive oil, honey, Lebanese zaatar and other fresh herbs, Hala offers a complete food and retail destination experience.

“Dubai is a melting pot of diverse cultures and nationalities while still being very much a blend of the Levant, and this representation was the vision for Hala. We know there is a real appetite for healthy casual dining in Dubai, and Hala encompasses all that is good for the body and soul,” said Antonio Gonzalez, CEO, Sunset Group, the hospitality group bringing the concept to the Emirate.

Open from 8am daily, Hala offers a variety of breakfast favourites, ranging from organic shakshuka to its own variety of hummus fusions, with ingredients sourced from Lebanon to Jordan as well as local organic producers.

It also dishes up a wider range of Lebanese and Levantine specialities, including mana’eesh, ‘mama’s kafta’ and traditional Lebanese bread, ka’ak. Maté tea, made from the leaves of the rainforest holly tree, will also feature on the menu. The popular South American drink that has become a local Lebanese and Syrian import will be served per tradition, in a ‘calabash’ or bottle gourd at the café with the tea leaves also available to purchase in the retail section.
Hala, Ground Floor, Convention Tower, World Trade Center, Dubai

04 323 1063

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