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INTERVIEW: Coffee break with Swapneel

Chef Swapneel Rama

When we ate at The Coffee Club, we were genuinely surprised and impressed with the length and breadth of the menu.

For such an obviously named place, this is a venue that offers so much more than coffee – and here in Dubai, Chef Swapneel Rana is the man behind the food.

When did you start working with the Coffee Club?

I joined as line cook since 2014, from our first restaurant in Abu Dhabi (Yas Mall)

What’s the ethos behind the food?
We have good quality, ethically-sourced ingredients to prepare our dishes. Our menu is designed according to people’s needs and tastes. Around 70% of our menu is globally similar, with the rest created for the region.

Our coffee is UTZ certified, which gives better opportunities for farmers and their families while safeguarding the environment and securing the earth’s natural resources.

Sea bass and kale

What’s your most popular dish?
Our Big Breakfast is the best-selling menu item among The Coffee Club globally – and it’s certainly big enough to keep you going until brunch. It comprises seven ingredients, with an option on how you’d like your egg. We serve it all day. The ingredients are nicely sautéed mushroom, ciabatta bread, veal bacon slicesimported from New Zealand, cherry tomato, a crispy hash brown and Cumberland sausage. The only thing we ever hear cusotmers say afterwards is that it is delicious.

Where are ingredients sourced from?
Most of the ingredients are sourced from different parts of the world – salmon from Norway, beef tenderloin from New Zealand, and organic eggs from Italy.

Goat Cheese and Beetroot burger

What sort of clientele does the cafe attract?
Our menu is designed for different communities. Different people have their choice of dishes in our menu. For locals we have some Arabic dishes on our menu, like date quinoa salad, chicken tabbouleh, or Arabian scrambled eggs and mushroom as a brunch item. We also have some Asian dishes like chicken Thai curry and vegetarian Singapore noodles.

Does your menu complement coffee?
It’s in the name, so definitely our food compliments coffee. We have a number of dishes which you can have all day and a coffee makes the food more compatible to complete your meal and make your day.

Any new or unusual menu items we should know about?
We recently launched our chef’s table 3, which is going very well. Dishes included in this menu are for the health conscious, and the most liked dishes from this we add to our main Coffee Club menu. Our chef’s table will change every three months with a new variety of dishes.

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