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Dessert lovers! Head to Social House

Sticky Rice Pudding
Gelato Waffle Sandwich
Chocolate Marshmallow Cake
Carrot Cake
Bread Butter Pudding
Banana Split
Apple Crumble

New menu of reinvented pudding classics makes socialising sweeter at Social House

Social House, the friendly eatery and social space, inside the Star Atrium of The Dubai Mall, is putting lovers of all things sweet on notice as it launches its new “Dessert Club”.

The Dessert Club introduces eight new exciting treats, inspired by some of the world’s best-loved dessert classics, which are perfect for foodie fans and for those who feel life is sweeter with desserts.

Curated in-house by Social House’s own Head Chef Aldo Volpi, each dish has been developed with flavour and texture in mind. From puddings to cakes, each has been designed to make it even harder to choose which extra treat you will choose, or even share if you dare, to complete your perfect meal out with friends and family.

Fans of gelato will love the Social House banana split – a fusion of creamy decadence topped with fruit for when you want to split fun times and a dessert with a friend. Waffle aficionados will appreciate the waffle huddle – where slabs of marbled cherry compote and gelato sit huddled between two of the cosiest waffles in town. And, not forgetting those who have to have their chocolate fix, the sweet times continue to roll with the chocolate dream, a superbly chocolatey, fudgy cake topped with fluffy marshmallows and drizzled with smooth Nutella.

Other reinvented classics include the deconstructed bread and butter pudding – a harmonious blend of sweetly soaked bread, croissant and butter with vanilla gelato served on the side. Then, there’s the apple crumble pie, which brings all the goodness of grandma’s oven right to your plate. Vanilla gelato included, of course.

If that wasn’t enough the parade of classics with a twist continues with the Volpi carrot cake – a slice so good that the Social House head chef has put his name to it! And for those that enjoy treats from the Far East, the Dessert Club’s ultimate rice sticky pudding takes taste buds on a fruit and coconut inspired journey through Thai cuisine. Finally, there’s the tira-mousse, which starts with a base of delightfully light chocolatey-coffee mousse and ends with a mountain of crunchy chocolate crisps.

“We’re deliciously proud of our new Dessert Club. As ever, Social House is not just about the food, but about the people you share it with. What better way to share a moment together than with our new indulgent classics, just make sure you get your own spoon! Each one of our new treats gives you an excuse to prolong your stay, chat a bit longer, and make some sweet memories while you’re at it,” says Aldo Volpi, Social House’s Executive Chef.

“Social House believes in inclusivity, and our new Dessert Club makes sure we cater to a wide variety of tastes. The menu takes you on a journey that includes reinvented classics and some entirely new creations that encourages our guests to linger longer over sweet mouthfuls,” concludes Aldo.

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