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It’s cheese, but not as you know it

With the festive season upon us, it’s a great time for overindulgence….cheese, chocolate and candy…but we’ve found a way you can indulge without the bulge…

When Dubai-based nutritionist and wellbeing coach Ahlaam Ali discovered her and her son suffered from lactose intolerance, one of the things she missed was cheese.

As something of a food and nutrition expert, she took it upon herself to investigate vegan cheeses, and was born. “We make the purest artisan vegan cheeses from the cleanest, purest organic tree nuts, seeds and coconuts. All our cheeses consist of organic cashews, almonds, pine nuts, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds,” she explained.

The cheeses do not include artificial colouring, preservatives, additives, soy, soy derivatives or sugar.

Her website sells non-dairy cheeses that taste so good you won’t miss the real thing. This isn’t an advert; the Great Food Club tried a platter, and we can vouch for the tastiness of the product. It would happily grace our Christmas table.

Our platter of five cheeses – for around AED155 – included herbes en Provence, black pepper Brie, smoked cheddar, mixed spicy za’atar with herbs and cranberry sesame.

We’d like to share our tasting notes here. Each cheese can be ordered as a whole round, and customised to suit your own tastes (spicy, not spicy, etc).

Herbes en Provence – a creamy, light cheese with fresh chives. This smooth, soft cheese is perfect spread on crackers.

Black Pepper Brie – a more fermented taste, this dense cheese offers a sweet, peppery kick that lingers. Whole peppercorns make this one to savour in small portions – and we found ourselves picking off the peppercorns to get at the actual cheese.

Cranberry sesame – a seasonal hit with us, sweet and sour, nutty, but not overwhelming. A good after dinner cheese, this is light and bright with a festive twang.

Mixed Spicy Za’atar with herbs – akin to a labneh ball, this is a good smooth cheese with a chilli kick, perfect with a local breakfast mezzeh.

Smoked cheddar – dense, dark and strong, this would go well with spirits after dinner, or grated over pasta. The life and soul of the party in a cheese and tomato sandwich or toastie. Tantalising on the tongue, and leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Get yourself a festive platter – including four “cheezes”, spiced nuts, fig jam and olive tapenade. AED 400, regular price AED 565

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