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Caribbean flavours freshened at Miss Lily’s

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Miss Lily’s continues to spice up Dubai’s culinary landscape with Caribbean flavours

Celebrate the taste of the Caribbean at the trendiest island outpost in town, Miss Lily’s. The restaurant and bar, known for its authentic island vibes and edgy staff, is turning up the dial in the kitchen with new menu items guaranteed to spice up the growing Caribbean food scene in Dubai.

The creation of partners Paul Salmon (founder/owner of Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica and Joe’s Pub), nightlife impresarios Binn and Genc Jakupi (The Box, Bungalo 8, and others), and designer Serge Becker (La Esquina, Lure Fishbar, Bowery Bar, and more), Miss Lily’s began as a small Caribbean oasis in Soho, New York. It has since become renowned for its delicious island cooking, friendly and cool-as-can-be staff, sunny vibe, and colorful Caribbean flavour.

Start your night off at the Sheraton Grand Hotel joint with appetisers including curry chicken coco buns – scrumptious mini coco buns filled with boneless curried chicken and vegetables, or how about an updated take on the popular Body Good Salad? This dish offers a healthy combination of leafy greens, avocado ranch dressing, roasted beetroot, carrot, chayote and grated egg.

Main course highlights include the fiery Lily’s hot pepper lobster, seasoned with aromatic hot pepper sauce, fried buns, peanuts and shishito peppers; the distinctive rum-cured salmon, soaked in traditional Jamaican rum and served with creamy quinoa and shaved apple salad; and the king crab “rundown”, Lily’s eclectic take on a traditional Jamaican classic.

To finish the evening off among the beach shack decor, great cocktails and reggae, you could try pumpkin cheesecake: roasted pumpkin cream cheese on a crispy biscuit base with thyme-infused caramel; or Miss Lily’s homemade coconut cake – a sponge cake with cream cheese frosting and sweet coconut flakes; or even the “dark and stormy rum cake”, with ginger ice cream and rum caramel syrup.

Established just last year in Dubai, by VKD – Varun Khemaney and Khalil Dahmash – Miss Lily’s aims to challenge the dining landscape in Dubai.

Miss Lily’s, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road

04 354 4074


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